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The research team FUN-PV, a common research group of the institutes CINaM CNRS UMR 7325 and IM2NP CNRS UMR 7334 both from Aix-Marseille University (AMU) is looking for a Chief of Executive Officer (CEO) with expertise in the field of consumer electronics, design, product innovation and/or energy application.
FUN-PV has developed together with the company Dracula Technologies novel solar cell processing technologies that allow generation of multi-coloured plastic solar cells in the framework of the French FUI project “SFUMATO”. The patented technologies combine organic and inorganic nanomaterials with innovative digital processing technologies to produce novel electricity generation systems for consumer applications. In order to give an idea of the potential, combining plastic solar cell advantages with the mentioned technology makes possible to transform art painting into photovoltaic applications, to produce flexible, light weight solar panel of tunable color for implementation into consumer products.

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