Boost your research with C-RED 2 SWIR InGaAs at 600 FPS

5 juillet 2018
C-RED 2 : NOW 600 FPS !
As announced during SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation + Telescopes 2018 C-RED 2,
our SWIR InGaAs scientific camera is now able to run at 600 FPS full frame.
 600 FPS     30e RON    0.9 to 1.7µm
C-RED 2, the 640x512 InGaAs SWIR camera now offers the incredible read out speed performance of 600 images per second full frame while keeping its amazing performance of 30 electrons readout noise.
Either in USB-3 or Camera Link interface, easy as plug and play, enjoy high speed SWIR imaging for all your scientific and industrial applications.
C-RED 2 is now available in 400 FPS or in 600 FPS. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 
For customers who already have a C-RED 2 with 400 FPS, a 600 FPS upgrade option of your current camera is now available. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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