MOBINNOV Project : optronics for transport systems


The MOBINNOV project is focused on the issue of the improvement of the safety and reliability of transport systems and the development of smart modes of transport, via the use of photonics and imaging technologies.

Two phases are planned for this programme

Phase 1 : to make more widely accessible innovative optical maintenance systems for smaller-scale operations (public urban/interurban transport: underground systems, tramways, industrial, maritime and river port branch lines).
Joint Innovation Platform: to develop a trailer equipped with innovative systems for maintenance back-up; this platform will be used on a pooled basis by transport organisations (Mermec, Méodex, MGPS)

Phase 2 : to develop traffic safety systems based on optical systems.
R&D project: improved security for the whole rail environment (data acquisition and scanning of tracks (dynamic LIDAR; drones), automatic shape recognition, railway signalling systems, etc.).

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