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ANR 2015

For the second year running, ANR has launched a general call for projects. It is open to all scientific disciplines and all types of research, from the most academic projects to applied research carried out in partnership with companies, and especially SMEs and VSMEs.

The scientific fields and topics targeted by this call for projects, the financial instruments that may be mobilised and the modes of assessment are described in detail in the ANR action plan 2015

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In the new phase of the France’s Competitiveness Cluster policy, two calls for projects are launched annually jointly by the State and the Regions, to identify joint R&D projects validated by Competitiveness Cluster labels. The various state funds available for these projects are provided jointly from a single joint ministerial fund (FUI). Projects eligible for the FUI should dispose of budgets of between 750 000 and 5 m euros.

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With the aim of reinforcing and enhancing the dynamic of support for the most strongly structure-building projects, which have significant potential impact in terms of jobs and business activity, the second investment plan for the future programme includes under the terms of the 2014 State budget a complementary fund of 300 m euros for structure-building research and development projects for competitiveness (PSPC).

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PIPC 2014

100 m € of loans, topped up with future investments, are dedicated to the industrialisation and marketing of products, services and processes directly resulting from projects already awarded Competitiveness Cluster labels and funded by the State and its agencies, in particular the joint ministerial fund  FUI.

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