Close-up on funded and finalised projects


Green Photonics



The product manufactured by Crosslux, Energlass glass panels, combines high thermal insulation with the capacity to produce electricity by the use of standard photovoltaic technologies, with a life span (20 to 25 years) compatible with building requirements.
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The management of wood waste products, the most voluminous kind, and the development of suitable revalorisation systems, is the primary focus of the TRISPIRABOIS project. The project will result in the development of a technological building block towards the ...
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Industrial and agricultural processes



The aim of the MOSAHYC project was to develop an industrial submicronic resolution lithography process, with high form factor, for large surfaces and high writing speed for the fast prototyping of the ophthalmic lenses of the future.
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Launched by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the aim of the  PAT concept (Process Analytical Technology) is to encourage companies to strive for better control of their processes in order to guarantee optimum quality and return on investment.
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Safety and surveillance




The aim of CaMeSCat is to develop a new system for the direct measurement of the section of catenary wire of French manufacture in order to bypass dependence on German and Japanese...
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Les besoins de protection des populations face aux risques chimiques (attentats, accidents industriels) deviennent de plus en plus importants. En particulier les nouvelles directives « Seveso 2 » vont conduire...
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Scientific and medical instrument



The Quito project focused on the development of a new system for the dynamic non-invasive 3D imaging of living matter. This system - a complete ...
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The Paca2M project (cathode sputtering for 2 meter optics) has involved assembling in a white room a machine of more than 18 meters in length to vacuum generate ...
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