PSPC 4 – Investments for the Future: Structure-Building Research and Development Projects for Competitiveness 

With the aim of reinforcing and enhancing the dynamic of support for the most strongly structure-building projects, which have significant potential impact in terms of jobs and business activity, the second investment plan for the future programme includes under the terms of the 2014 State budget a complementary fund of 300 m euros for structure-building research and development projects for competitiveness (PSPC).

In parallel, in phase with the policy of simplification called for by the President of the Republic, a new ‘fast-track’ procedure has been introduced.  For the selected projects meeting the criteria for this procedure, this will make possible a decision and an initial payment of funds within a three month period from the submission of a completed application.  

With the aim of selecting the best projects, a fourth call for projects is open until 14 January 2016.

Provisional timetable

Dates of hearings for projects submitted under the PSPC call for projects for 2014

- 10 September
- 14 October
- 3 December
- 14 January 2015

Dates of steering committee meetings for the PSPC scheme for 2014

- 22 September
- 17 November
- 15 December

OPTITEC can assist you at all stages of submission of an application.

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