Scientific and medical instrumentation


Photonic tools (microscopy, tomography, endoscopy) today occupy a strategic position in the field of the health care and ageing of  populations, with new perspectives for diagnosis, therapy and monitoring.

Medical imaging, biochips, laser therapies and therapeutic LEDs play a major role in the early prevention of cancer, the use of non-invasive methods, the improvement of treatment.

In such a highly technological field, instrumentation for major projects and complex environments such as space, astrophysics, nuclear and defence remains a field driving developments in photonics, where representatives of industry within the Cluster, in association with the major industrial groups and national and European agencies, can develop innovative solutions with high added value.


Applications markets
Aid for diagnosis, phototherapy, medical and biological imaging for biology, etc.


Utilisation of photonics and imaging
Ophthalmology, diagnostics for odontology, medical imaging, etc.


Technologies identified
Medical imaging systems for diagnostics and monitoring (endoscopy, MRI, scanner, tomography), therapeutic  lasers in particular in ophthalmology and dermatology, laser scalpels, LED for lighting systems in operating theatres, endoscopes, etc.


=> Examples of projects
Ablation laser of colloidal nanomaterials for the detection and treatment of cancer, preclinical imaging to study the dynamic of cellular interactions, etc





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