Safety and surveillance


The development of photonics technologies for safety and surveillance (imaging, sensors, transmissions) improves the security of persons and property overall.

The prevention of acts of aggression against persons is today the focus of intensified political measures, which calls for  the development of increasingly effective surveillance systems : airport security, the security of industrial plants and the surveillance of residential areas.

The automobile market, public transport and rail-road interaction also require effective security systems, (maintenance, surveillance of  intersections, detection of objects, surveillance of driver behaviour) linked to photonic technologies: imaging, sensors, optical surface treatment, special lighting systems..


Applications markets
Indoor security, transport security, defence, satellites, oil and gas, etc.


Utilisation of photonics and imaging
Maintenance, video surveillance, detection of intruders, biometry, remote detection, etc.


Technologies identified
Imaging systems, in particular infrared imaging, multi/hyper-spectrum imaging, active imaging, lasers, image processing, etc.


=> Examples of projects
Smart camera for territorial and urban security, maintenance by industrial vision of rails and railway electrical lines, OLED- based signaling for transport systems, development and manufacture of mirrors for the ITER project, embedded optical system for satellites, etc .





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