Industrial and Agricultural Processes

Using industrial vision, imaging and spectroscopy, photonics provides productivity leverage for companies making use of these new technologies in their manufacturing and production processes.

Photonics provides the means both to speed up production by streamlining the whole industrial process and by replacing bottleneck-generating systems, and also to make production processes more reliable by introducing real-time non-invasive control systems  designed to interact within the industrial process control loop.

The reliability provided by this photonics building block means increased security for the end user consumers, guarantees conformity and reduces the environmental impact (measurement of treatment and analysis of refuse and industrial waste).


Applications markets
Industry, food and agriculture industry, etc.


Utilisation of photonics and imaging
Quality control on a production line (monitoring and inspection of manufactured parts by vision), quality control of fruit / vegetables, manufacture of parts, online monitoring of processes, etc.


Technologies identified
Industrial vision, lighting, lasers, etc.


=> Examples of projects
Control of dimensions on food processing production lines (grilled bread roll packets, etc.), control of  dimensions on vehicle tyre, wood kitchen furniture panels production lines, conformity control for fixing of labels, measurement of the thickness of a layer deposited on a microelectronic component, etc.  


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