Green Photonics


The challenges of reducing energy consumption, of developing renewable energies and of climate change can only be met with the help of input from photonic technologies.

The first examples are the LED technologies, photovoltaic panels and automatic refuse sorting machines.

Photonics has a range of assets for detection, control, processing and measurement.

The quality of sensors and the miniaturisation of systems have today enabled optical analysers to take over fields requiring analyses: water, soil, air.

In parallel, these technologies provide the means to adapt and optimise energy consumption, for example automobile fuel consumption or that of Mediterranean region buildings, by developing new solutions, from absorbant surfaces to diagnostic systems for thermal insulation.


Utilisation of photonics and imaging
Detection and quantification of pollutants in air, water or materials, refuse sorting, photovoltaic energy, LED lighting, etc.


Technologies identified
Photovoltaic sensors, mulit/hyper-spectrum sensors, OLEDs (organic diodes), photocatalysis, image processing, etc.


=> Examples of projects
Online detection of contaminants, water treatment by LED UV, portable chemical analyser for characterising materials, mapping the seabed, etc.


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