Photonics and imaging

Photonics is the science of the photon and of light. It is the branch of physics which deals with light and its properties, electromagnetic radiation, vision and systems using or emitting light.

Imaging is the reproduction of a material object supplied by an optical system, or a sonic, ultrasonic or other acquisition system.
Today, because of the multiplicity of imaging sensors, image processing and signal processing are associated with photonics, and more broadly, all smart processing systems in such a way as to acquire from a given scene useful and exploitable information.

What is the focus of photonics study  ?

- how light is detected : visible, infrared, ultraviolet spectrum imaging
- how light is transformed : photovoltaics
- how light is transmitted : detection of specificities of materials, gas, etc.
- how light is emitted : lighting, simulation of scenes and virtual reality, etc.

Referenced technologies : Sensors (CMOS, imaging, microscopy, etc.), Multi/Hyperspectrum Imaging, Spectroscopy, Signal and Image Processing, Virtual and Enhanced Reality, Optical Thin Films, Optic Fibers, Laser, LED & OLED, Optical Materials, Optical metrology, Optical Modelling and Calculation, Adaptive and Active Optics, Optoelectronics integrated optics, quantum optics, microphotonics, MOEMS, etc.).


Photonics technologies are everywhere!


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