European Competitive Cluster

Considered as key technology in Europe alongside micro and nanotechnology, photonics and imaging offer great growth prospects for the industry: estimated at 447 billion euros in 2015, the market forecasts 8% growth in 2018.

The first photonics and imaging cluster to emerge in France and the fifth in Europe, OPTITEC aims to strengthen its international standing, via:
• enhanced cooperation with European clusters and actors (Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, etc.);
• establishment of an international expert network based in areas with high market and growth potential (United States, Russia, Israel and Asia: India, China, South Korea, Singapore).

The OPTITEC Cluster asserts its European standing via:
- the presence of a full-time representative in Brussels to actively monitor and guide SMEs on Horizon 2020 programmes;
- managing European projects:
• the EPRISE project ‘Empowering Photonics through Regional Innovation Strategies in Europe’ to promote and support the European photonics industry by focusing on three fields of application: medical, pharmaceutical, and agriculture and food;
• the KETs4DualUse project, within the framework of the European programme COSME, which aims to implement a partnership with European clusters in order to facilitate access to international security and defence markets for European SMEs;
- launching the ‘Optitec2Bruxelles’ collective initiative designed to help innovative SMEs in the field of photonics and imaging orientate and position themselves at European level, with the aim of maximising their chances of involvement in European projects.