Structure-building Projects


In 2013, a new type of project was initiated: industrial and R&D projects designed to meet the challenge of priority issues related to society and territorial development, open to the requirements of usages: smart lighting systems, transport safety, air quality control, the security of industrial sites.

These projects are in phase with the concept of ‘Techno-push’ and enhanced ‘Market-pull’, and associate companies, public authorities (at State and territorial level) and the OPTITEC Cluster.

>> MOBINNOV Project : optronics for transport systems

The MOBINNOV project is focused on the issue of the improvement of the safety and reliability of transport systems and the development of smart modes of transport, via the use of photonics and imaging technologies.

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>> OPTOPOLIS Project : A Centre of Excellence in photonics with international outreach

In 2013, the OPTITEC cluster gave a new lease of life to the project dynamic of the for OPTOPOLIS, by means of a partnership with  Aix-Marseille-Université (AMU), identifying photonics as one of the priority fields for AMU and for AMIDEX.

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>> Innovative Photonics for Smart lighting Systems

A partnership has been developed with the Marseille town hall as part of a policy of experimentation of innovative systems within the city’s territory, for public lighting systems and energy saving purposes.

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>> Adaptive Optics Platform PEMOA

The PEMOA platform, whose main mission is to promote the technology of adaptive optics for new industrial applications, includes three systems dedicated to:

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