The Horizon 2020 Programme


Strengthening the positioning in Europe of OPTITEC member companies

The new frameworks made available by the Horizon 2020 programme and the policy of  Smart Specialisation have been identified as strategic for the companies and member organisations of the Cluster

OPTITEC is focusing its strategy for the sector on the new opportunities offered by the European Horizon 2020 programme:

>> Positioning photonics among the regional priorities for Smart Specialisation

OPTITEC can play a decisive role with regard to Regional Innovation Strategies, where photonics is a key polyvalent technology in a range of applications sectors.

>> Helping SMEs to access the new European funding from Horizon 2020 programme

OPTITEC has made available a system of dedicated engineering and expert consultancy to provide direct assistance to SMEs in facilitating their access to European partnerships and projects:
- Targeted intelligence gathering and guidance for European calls for projects of interest to SMEs
- Search for European partners (via the Entreprise Europe Network)
- Support for setting up projects

>> Upgrading the OPTITEC Cluster’s Europe lobby

A full-time representative in Brussels is responsible for maintaining active intelligence gathering and offering guidance to SMEs for the Horizon 2020 programmes.
    - Participation in European organisations: Photonics 21, Unité Photonique, EPIC
    - Targeted intervention aimed at influencing the themes selected for the next Horizon 2020
 calls for projects
    - Cooperation with European photonics clusters for easier access for SMEs to technological platforms and / or facilities


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