Board of Administration

The OPTITEC Association is managed by Board of administration with 26 members elected by the general assembly for a 3 year period. It is made up of representatives of industry and academic research. The Board’s role is to apply and to implement the decisions taken by the general assembly. It is chaired by a President elected by the Board of Administration.

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Strategic Council

The Strategic Council plays a consultative role for the Board of Administration.

The Strategic Council is made up of at least twenty one members, with the following missions:
>> To provide a perspective on the major scientific, technological and industrial challenges in the photonics and imaging sector  
>> To work towards the development of planning and strategic partnerships with academic organisations, industry, competitiveness and business clusters, at national and international level
>> To propose means, actions and leverage to plan the Cluster’s Route Map and update it
>> To monitor and assess the impact of the Cluster’s actions from the strategic point of view.

The Strategic Council is chaired by Paul LECOQ (CERN). Laure ARDOUIN (DCNS), Ludovic ESCOUBAS (IM2NP) and François HOUBRE (SAVIMEX) are Vice-Chairs.

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, made up of members of the Bureau and representatives of partner organisations which contribute to the funding of the Cluster, is entrusted with the mission of presenting and exchanging views on the strategy implemented by the Board of Administration and exploring the means to achieve its aims.

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