Optitec Competitive Cluster

OPTITEC is a competitive cluster that has been dedicated to deep tech photonics and imaging for over 15 years. It hosts an ecosystem of 220 actors, from industry professionals to research institutions and training organisations. The cluster strives to promote and support disruptive innovations, sources of wealth creation and employment.
Based in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur and Occitania in the south of France, OPTITEC also maintains an office in Brussels. Its fundamental mission as a competitive cluster is to support the industry’s innovation dynamics so that it is an engine for growth.
Renowned for the quality of services it provides to its network of companies, OPTITEC assists them in their development, R&D, funding, intellectual property and export strategies. A proven impetus in project leadership, the cluster assists the whole value chain in a bid to transform R&D in industrial and economic opportunities for businesses.
OPTITEC is the only cluster to propose a comprehensive photonics and imaging solution spanning across 4 strategic business areas within the following high-growth markets: defence and security, health and medical, smart cities and industries 4.0.