LightJumps Project


The LightJumps project is a joint platform run by European photonics clusters with the aim of boosting the development of SMEs.

A large-scale survey among European photonics stakeholders is in progress. To take part (10min), click on this link.

The purpose of this survey is to identify needs and stumbling blocks related to the development of photonics companies.

Participation in this project is free of charge and will enable you to access the following services:  

1. Finding financial support for your innovative ideas from Horizon 2020 with the aid of experienced consultants ( & )
2. Finding industrial partners in Europe and putting into operation complex projects that call for cooperation and co-funding
3. Testing for your products on the existing platforms / laboratories (e.g. )
4. Connecting you with a network of investors, business angels and risk capital (organisation of an investment event in Rome on 16 April 2015)
5. Use of training services dedicated to photonics professionals
6. Use of the LightJumps publicizing networks to make your products’ performance more widely known
7. Being informed of what is happening in the photonics industry and access data bases (>500 European photonics stakeholders)

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