Mosahyc Project


The aim of the MOSAHYC project was to develop an industrial submicronic resolution lithography process, with high form factor, for large surfaces and high writing speed for the fast prototyping of the ophthalmic lenses of the future.  The main purpose of the project was to make the technological leap in order in due course to open the way for a whole range of derived products tailored to the needs of the consumer, and to achieve three major goals:

- the development of lithography facilities and processes by direct writing compatible with this development
- to test and validate in a pre-industrial context a new generation of materials
- to integrate this process within a technological platform

Partners to the project include Essilor, as end user, KLOE, a Montpellier-based SME, GES (Groupe d’Etude des Semiconducteurs – Semiconductors Research Group), the Toulon engineering school ISEN and the Rhône-Alpes optics cluster. With a 4.5m euro budget, for a duration of three years, the project received financial support from the joint ministerial fund (FUI5), and funding from local authorities.

The MOSAHYC project has been a success story for the SME KLOE, since it has made possible the development of its DILASE range and strengthened its market position. 


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